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Xi Yang
iatse800 set designer
Art Director Guild

About me

I'm a passionate set designer based in the vibrant landscape of Los Angeles.

My journey into the world of design began with countless hours of childhood doodling and professional figure drawing lessons during my teenage years. It was in college where I was introduced to the realm of computer design, setting the stage for my academic pursuits.

I completed my education with a BFA in Digital Media Art, followed by an MFA in Filmmaking, and ultimately, a second MFA in Production Design from American Film Institute Conservatory. Since drafting my first line on vellum in line weight class, I've known that set design is where my heart lies, and my professional journey truly began there.

In 2016, my dedication to the craft was recognized at the American Movie Awards, where I received acclaim in the category of Production Design/Art Direction for my work on the film, "Pressure-Man." The following year, I was honored to be selected as one of the Art Directors Guild apprentices, further solidifying my commitment to the industry. In 2018, I was privileged to join the IATSE family, local 800 Art Director Guild, marking a significant milestone in my career.

Since then, I've had the opportunity to collaborate with renowned companies such as Netflix, CBS, Disney, Apple, and more, contributing my creative vision to projects across film and television.


Thank you for visiting my site, and I invite you to explore the immersive worlds I've had the privilege to create.

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